The City of Cauldron

Day 23 Part 4

The Crazed Guildmaster

The residents of the room were clearly not expecting them. Three rogues jumped up with the third more dangerous looking one demanding to know where Triel was.

Both parties rushed in recklessly and battle ensued. The two Alley-Basher mooks went down easily with a combination of Theo “whip-trips”,Logahn sword slices and Gavriel and Benadrad’s ranged attacks. The third more fearsome member of the enemy threesome was a different story. He had a crazed look in his eye and that eye was seemingly drawn to Celestine.

Pointing at Celestine and sputtering crazed ramblings about sacrifices and nightmares he focused all his energy on the death of the priestess. The rest of the party noticed a strange glaze come over her face and she charged like a madwomen at the rogue. He whirled about slicing The Hand with his rapier quite easily but it was not enough. They took him down with ease.

This was presumably Artus, Guildmaster of The Alley-Bashers and just as mad as they claimed he was. He was unconscious on the ground. Benadrad plopped him up on the table, spread his arms and drove two daggers down into his hands pinning him against the wood. He was healed and brought back to reality and began to scream. The party desperately tried to interrogate him about Triel, and the wands but he was clearly too insane to give them any worthy information. Before anyone could say “tie him up” Benadrad poured some poison down his throat. Convulsing, he choked and died.

They looted him and with a cheer found more of the wands of water control. They now had seven out of eight and they decided that was enough. The headed toward the exit of the dungeon. Though they knew that the gondola was destroyed and they were very unsure as to how they were going to cross the lake and go up the cliff.

They talked awhile about ropes and grappling hooks and swimming and climbing, until Theo got a bright idea. “Lets use the Wands of Water Control!!” Benadrad built a makeshift raft and they all climbed in. The wands were passed among those who could use them and with all the power of their use magic device skills a large wave slowly rose out of the water and lifted them to the top of the cliff. “HUZZAH!” They hurried back to town.

When they arrived they hurried back to The Church of St. Cuthbert to bring Jenya the wands. There were representatives there from the Kord and Sarenrae as well. Jenya took the wands from the party and shoved them into the hands of the available priests, including Celestine. The priests battled the water and rain all night while Logahn helped the citizens with sandbagging efforts. Soon the water level of the lake was under control, but not without some damage to the lower buildings, many of which were located in Jzadirton.

Day 24



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