The City of Cauldron

Day 24-26

The Flood Festival Continues

Once the clerics had everything under control, it was time to start up the Flood Festival again. Loot was sold, magic was purchased from Skie’s Treasury.

Gavriele was greeted by an extremely thankful Shensen who introduced him to her friends, “The Striders of Farlanghn.” It was Fario & Fellian, the mysterious elves from way back and Horag, the half-orc, who they had met during the first night of Drink Down the Flood. She gave him a pair of magical boots as a gift for rescuing her from the were-baboon at The Lucky Monkey. "Don’t be a stranger, " she said as she walked off with her group.

Celestine made an attempt to use the libraries at The Bluecrater Academy to research some of the information they found in Skaven’s journal, but was quickly shot down by a snooty gentleman at the front desk, who was demanding a hefty “membership fee.” At the moment she was not willing to pay.

Theodocious busied himself with work in his museum.

Benadred was with Box preparing for a feast celebrating their recovery of the wands of water control. He also had a big announcement to make. That night at the feast Benadrad announced his retirement from adventuring. He promised he would aid The Unseen Hand of Justice with potions and things but he would not give them any sort of discount. In fact he would “probably charge them more because he knows they’re going to need it.” Then he kicked Gavriele out of his house. Ordinary retirement seemed suspicious however. Knowing Benadrad, surely there was some ulterior motive to this decision.

The next morning Theo was on his way to do some shit when he was startled by a street-side kerfuffle. A well dressed human was being harassed by a tax collector and his half-orc guards. The guards and tax collector claimed that not only did he somehow get into the city without paying his entry tax but he was also operating and “attraction” without a permit. Theo paid the thugs off. The human thanked Theo and introduced himself as Jerome. He was a traveling circus performer and was attracted to Cauldron because of the renowned Flood Festival and Demonskar Ball.

During these last days of The Flood Festival, Celestine and Gavriel took the Lantern Street orphans to the final rounds of the Crater Lake Monster hunt and Jerome tagged along. Ultimately no one of importance was successful in winning the contest. Terrem was his usual creepy little self.

That night The party headed off to The Drunken Morkoth to watch the final match of the “Drink Down the Flood” competition. The final contestant was none other then Benadrad, presumably because he cheated like crazy with spells that assisted his alcohol tolerance. He was facing off against Vhalantru, the long time returning champion. The competition was in full swing and twentyish rounds had gone by. Benadrad knew that if he kept going he would surely die of alcohol poisoning. Vhalantru who was a tad tipsy himself must have sense this as well and was concerned for the gnome. He tried to declare it a draw. Benadrad refused insisting that it would be a forfeit and he would be the winner. Vhalantru gave in and with a wink to the crowd declared Benadrad the winner. Benadrad ran off without a word to prepare himself for his inevitable hangover. While at the Drunken Morkoth, the party heard rumors that The Minuta’s Board was being used to house the large influx of half-orc guards that have been appearing in the city. It seems that the regular guard house was too full to keep them all. The Hand decided to investigate.

At Minuta’s Board, the rumors proved true. There were off duty Half-orcs milling about both outside and inside the inn. Theo went over to the owner and barkeep Pilok Minuta to ask him about the situation. Pilok was pretty pissed. It seems he had no choice in the matter. City officials, most likely Skellerang with the Lord Mayor’s approval, mandated the use of the Inn.

Lofin Sinwin was at his usual table. He flagged Theo down for a little chat.

Meanwhile, Jerome who had tagged along, was busy taunting some of the half-orcs. Jerome, who was making himself known as a forward and flirtatious individual snuggled himself right up into the booth next to a half-orc. The half-orc stood up insulted by the intrusion and demanded to know why Jerome was butting in on their conversation. Logahn stepped up to see what all the commotion was. Jerome took the opportunity to challenge both of the half-orc’s strength and suggested they arm wrestle. Perhaps Jerome was teasing or perhaps he was titillated by the thought of two sweaty, bulging, PULSATING half-orc biceps pressing against each other in heated battle. After a grueling match Logahn came out the champion as any hero of the story should, and the other orc walked away in embarrassment.

At Theo’s table, Lofin thanked Theo for what he and his group had done, specifically the killing of Artus, guildmaster of The Alley-Bashers. This gave Lofin a chance to move-in and take control of the guild. Theo asked Lofin if he knew anything about the half-orc situation. Lofin told him that the half-orcs were in fact a mercenary troupe brought in from Sasserine. It was common knowledge that the city had brought them in to bolster the town guard because of the recent crime waves. What wasn’t known to the public was that the city had plans to impose taxes onto smaller outlying towns that it considered part of it’s jurisdiction, such as Redgorge and Hollowsky. It was likely that there would be resistance and the half-orc’s would be needed to insure cooperation. Lofin gave Theo this tidbit “on the house” for removing his competition, but reminded him of the dangers of acquiring such “sensitive” information. He had dangerous and more powerful peers that always had eyes on him…namely… The Last Laugh. Theo dropped Lofin some coin just to further establish their relationship.

Eventually, the crowd slowly thinned and the party turned in for the night.

The next morning Logahn did some shit.



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