The City of Cauldron

Day 28

The gang plays "Clue"

The next morning The party had all gathered at the museum to discuss their plans. They all felt a little investigation was required. Though the Flood Festival was over and a bright warm spring was on it’s way, not all seemed right in the city.Theo got out his costume box and was haphazzardly slapping on bits and pieces but whatever he was doing just wasn’t working. The rest of the party frowned and the sad little goblin. Jerome suggested that he punched him in the face a few times to help authenticate the look, and Theo readily agreed. The resulting black eyes looked VERY real, however they just didn’t go with the french maid costume Theo had chosen. Suddenly the party heard a loud “CRRRRRRRRRACKKKKKKKK——-THUD!” coming from upstairs. Theo ran to investigate. Alec Tercivel was standing at the door. He had somehow managed to rip the door off it’s hinges. Blank stares were exchanged and after a moment of awkward silence, Alec asked Theo if he was interested in purchasing some items he collected.

There was a painting, a gold plated baboon mask, a statue of a goose, a silver plate etched with ancient hieroglyphs, and a bust of a Morkoth. Celestine determined that none of the items were magical and Theo was able to identify the history and value of most of them. They were valuable indeed and the party questioned Alec as to where he came across these items. He freely admitted that he had found them while exploring some ancient temple and ruins in the jungles to the west of Cauldron. As the last remaining Tercival his ancestral home has been left abandoned and property of the city. He has been trying to earn money to buy it back.

The party was mostly interested in the silver plate. Theo identified the hieroglyphs as those of an ancient race of creatures known as “Spell Weavers.” They had resided in this region thousands of years ago before the history of men. He unfortunately could not read them. More curious was a map that was scratched on the back of the plate. It was recent. While Alec was not looking, Jerome took rubbings of the map. Alec had nothing to say about the map. Theo told Alec that he was currently not able to purchase the items due to a lack of funds. This didn’t seem to bother Alec as he would likely be able to sell them to the halfling antique collector Tygot.

After that both Theo and Celestine went out into the city to see if they could find out anything about “Vampires, Beholders, and the Ebion Triad.” Theo’s dip into the seedy underbelly of the city proved fruitless. But Celestine managed to find out a little about the Vampire that The Stormblades had destroyed per the request of Terseon Skellerang. The vampire was a Bugbear named Drakthar the Bloodmonger. He dominated a group of goblins in order to wreak havoc on the city. They were living in an old Dwarven enclave underneath an operating bathhouse run be a dwarf named Orak. The rumor goes that someone was using the vampire and his dungeon lair to smuggle something into the city, because the dungeon had access to caves that led outside of the city walls.

Logahn felt a visit to the orphanage was in order. He waited for Celestine and the two went together while Jerome and Theo went off to wet their whistles at the Tipped Tankard. The priests were met with delight by the halfling caretaker of the orphanage named Gretchen. She casually mentioned a visit to Terrem by some priests and was surprised to learn that they had not known about it. She told him that two priests of Wee Jas visited Terrem and after they had cast some spells a strange birthmark appeared on his face, burning and hissing as he screamed in pain. The priests spoke with Terrem and he told them once again about when he once taken by the Beholder. He just “appeared” in a large room. The room was mostly empty but it did contain some boxes that were stamped with a birdcage symbol. He had said that Beholder and the cloaked woman very nice and she took him unharmed back to the orphanage.

Later everyone met up at the Tipped Tankard. The hope was to gain more insight on the map they had “acquired” from Alec Tercivel. An adventurer was able to identify the “headless staute” which was described on the map. He said the statue was located along the coast of The Red River, which flows out of the mountains past Redgorge. His description of the statue reminded the party of a Glaburzu Demon, much like Nabthotoron. He told them the lands were infested with gnolls and that they worship the statue like some kind of god. The party decided to gear up and head out in the morning.

Day 29



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