The City of Cauldron

Day 29

Unexpected attack

When some of the members of the party arrived at their homes from the close of the evening they found a note and an invitation to the Cusp of Sunrise, a high class club for nobles in Cauldron. It was from Lord Vhalantru. The note said: "Meet me for dinner and drinks at the Cusp of Sunrise tomorrow at 6:00pm. It is urgent and profitable.

The next morning as the party was setting out to gear up for their trip, the heard a low rubbling sound. Suddenly a plume of smoke rose from behind a building and they heard the sound of smashing and crumbling stone. Screams of panic erupted and crowds of city folk scrambled in all directions.

The Unseen Hand headed toward the ruckus to find a large insectoid like beast smashing holes into a building. monster.jpg The party engaged and as the beast turned to meet their gaze, their minds were muddled by it’s large penetrating insectoid eyes. It was some kind of confusing gaze but the party was able to will it away. All but Jerome that is.

Jerome proved his skill at swordplay with a ruthless slice into Gavriel’s flesh. Somehow the creature had clouded his mind into confusing his enemies. The rest of the group attempted to take down the beast with covered eyes, while Gavriel dashed off to escape Jerome’s lethal cuts. Soon Logahn was caught in the creatures gaze and was reduced to a babbling fool.

Once the spell had worn off the group managed to reorganize and bring down the beast, but not before it made one final devastating attack on Theo bringing him inches from death.

The creature seemed more intent on property damage then causing harm to anyone and it’s target were the buildings of Bibbford Glimmerid, gem merchant and Theo’s father.

A man dressed in blue with blue hair showed up with some half-orc guards to investigate. He called himself The Blue Duke and claimed to be commander of the Half-orc division of the town guard. He allowed the party to contribute to the investigation as long as they didn’t get in the way. Not much was to be discovered.

The Hand went on with their day planning for their trip down river.

Theo went to visit his dad, Bibbford Glimmerrid. Bibbford revealed his suspicious about corruption in the government. He told Theo that he had a plan, but did not reveal what it was. Bibbford made a hasty and surprising exit by drinking a potion, reading from a scroll, then poofing out of the room. Theo, snooping around a bit, found that Bibbford had been studying an old Cauldron law, known as “The Old Law of Peers.”

This law states:
“Should the Captain of the Guard be considered to be unable to fulfill his duties, he may be challenged by any living member of the five eldest surviving families. If the challenger is victorious, he claims the position of Captain of the Guard. The Captain of the Guard is the only member of the nobility who may be challenged in such a manner.”

That evening the party set out to the Cusp of Sunrise to meet with Vhalantru. Vhalantru and Lady Rhivaldi had arranged fro The Hand to meet with Davek Splintershield, an ancient dwarf nearing his death. He explained his wife had cursed him on her deathbed with a wasting disease because of his cruel parenting of their only son Zenith Splintershield. His only cure was to make amends with his son. Unfortunately his son had disappeared on a crusade into the underdark long ago. Divinations had revealed that his son was being held prisoner in a Kuo-Toa shrine known as Bhal-Hamatugn. The Kuo-Toa are a race of amphibious humanoids. Davak asked the party to rescue his son and offered them a generous reward of 4000gp each or 6000gp in Splintershield arms and armor.

After some negotiation and the upfront payment of the gear needed to take on this trip into the underdark the party agreed. Vhalatru explained to them that the only current entrance to the underdark was a fissure found on a mountain to the north. They did not know the exact location of the fissure but knew the location of a hermit known as “Crazy Jerod” who lived on the mountain. He would likely know the location of the fissure.

Day 30



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