The City of Cauldron

The Demonskar Ball

The day of the Demonskar Ball has arrived and our heroes have spared no expense in preparing for Cauldron’s most lavish event. Our heroes arrive separately in two carriages. The carriages are the finest that Cauldron has to offer and are pulled by the finest white horses. They have purchased the finest costumes and have taken dance and music lessons.

The first carriage carries Logahn, Celestine, and Jerome. With the second carriage carrying Gavriel, Theo, and their respective dates Shensen and Skie. As the first carriage arrives at the ball, Jerome is the first to disembark and make a grand entrance by releasing doves into the air and announcing “WE HAVE ARRIVED!” he says in a French accent. On-lookers from atop the building look down on the display and are impressed. The second carriage arrives shortly after. As Logahn attempts to enter the ball he is stopped by the doorman a very snooty looking man who asks him to check his weapon. “You won’t be needing that in grand hall sir” says the snooty doorman. Logahn begrudgingly checks his weapon. Garvriel is also stopped and forced to check his bow as well. “I don’t believe there will be any boar hunting this evening” says the snooty doorman. Gavriel also begrudgingly checks his weapon.

Our heroes enter the lobby and see many familiar faces from around Cauldron. Jerome pulls both Celestine and Logahn to dance. They awkwardly follow Jerome, but they are approached by Jenya. She thanks them for all of their services and tells them to “Try not to partake too heavily in ‘The Bubbling Cauldron’ during the toast.”

The Stormblades are present and contemptuous glances are exchanged. Loghan sees Cora Lathenmire from across the room who seems out of place in her formal wear. She is there talking very animated to her parents when Loghan decides to approach her. They proceed to exchange a few awkward words with Loghan walking away in the end and leaving her parents bewildered as to who was that strange man who approached their daughter. Theo sees Lord Thomas Vhalantru who calls him over to speak with him and have a drink. Vhalantru is at the ball with Thirifane Rhivaldi.thifirane_rhiavadi.jpg She is a women of the very high society who obviously would rather not interact with the likes of the Theo and the Unseen Hand of Justice as they are beneath her. Vhalantru thanks Theo and the Unseen Hand of Justice for their hard work bringing back the Wands of Water Control. He thanks Theo for his generous donation toward repairs in Jzadirton, and he mentions his concern that Theo’s father, Bibbford Glimmerid has not been paying his taxes. Theo was unaware. As they continue to talk Celestine enters the conversation awkwardly finishing Theo’s sentence. Celestine then puts on her charm and tries to talk to Vhalantru’s date which goes somewhat well with Celestine complementing her. Sick of the talk of business with Theo, Vhalantru’s date demands that they move on. As their conversation ends, the Demonskar Herald makes his appearance.

Everyone whispers as the the Demonskar Herald makes his grand entrance. Half of his body is dressed as a founder and the other half is dressed as a demon. He calls for everyone who is a founder to stand on one side of the room and demons to stand on the other. The Herald makes a speech retelling the history of the region’s past and the great war that took place between the village of Redgorge and the demons that sought to destroy it. As he finishes his speech he tells all to enjoy themselves and make their way into the main hall.

The Unseen Hand of Justice is met with a greeting line and are forced to make their way down shaking hands and speaking with each person. Zachary and Margaret Aslaxin, the hosts of the evening are first with their son, Zachary II. Jerome makes things tense by pinching Zachary II on his bottom, which causes a murmur all the way down the receiving line. Jerome attempts to play it off as his people’s way of greeting others to which he is asked by Zachary Sr. not greet anyone again in that manner. The Lord Mayor himself is next. He seems genuinely grateful for the party’s services but also seems a bit nervous, frequently exchanging glances with Skellerang. Next are the High Priests and Priestesses: Asfelkir, Shebeleth, Jenya, and Embril Aloustinai. Jerome makes quite the impression on Jenya. Embril Embril.jpgtells the party that the Church of Wee-Jas is at their service, but Gavriel can tell she is super full of shit. Gavriel and Shensen are quiet during this meet and greet. They are from the woods and do not understand why the people here are filled with such pretentiousness. Lastly is Alec Tercival who was audacious enough to not wear a costume but rather his polished suit of armor.

The Demonskar Herald asks for everyone’s attention and announces a music contest with the returning champion being Annah Taskerhill. As the Herald explains the contest Shensen whispers to Gavriel “Can anyone enter?” Gavriel responds back with a “I think so”. Shensen then steps up to the stage and announces that she will take part in the contest. Both Jerome and Celestine take part as well both playing their respective instruments. With Shensen choosing to sing and the returning champion Annah Taskerhill playing her harp. The contest involves everyone playing along to a complicated piece of music and whoever receives the most applause from the crowd will be declared the winner and Is chosen to represent the angel Nidrama in the final dance of the evening. The contest begins and everyone is playing beautifully as the crowd cheers on the contestants. Annah Taskerhill beautifully plays the harp as Shensen sings along to the music hitting each note perfectly as Celestine and Jerome do their best to keep up. The crowd cheers and roars at the display of skill. As the music hits its most complicated portion Celestine and Jerome are unable to keep up and bow out. Annah and Shensen go back and forth neither giving up. As the piece comes to a close Annah’s harp breaks a string leaving Shensen to finish the piece with her voice echoing throughout the hall. Shensen is declared the winner and the crowd cheers for the new champion. Gavriel rushes the stage and awkwardly picks up Shensen and spins her around on the stage congratulating her on her victory. She doesn’t respond in the most happiest of ways to Gavriels display.

The Demonskar Herald invites everyone downstairs to join their respective table to eat and drink. The Unseen Hand of Justice join Jerome’s table reason being he was the one who got them their tickets. The table is filled with some adventuring folk, merchants and two prominent nobles who scoff at the idea of being seated with such degenerates. Not ones to shy away from adversity our heroes sit and eat and enjoy their drink waiting to see what happens next at the Demonskar Ball.

Demonskar Ball Part II



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