The City of Cauldron

The Demonskar Ball Part II

The participants at the ball were led downstairs and dinner commenced. The party located their table and found they were seated with a strange assortment guests.

Dalem Bandershield, a brash human who once served as bodyguard to the Aslaxins, Glimji Seewicket, a gnomish merchant and competitor to the Glimmerids, Tyro Amberhelm, Dwarven art dealer, and the, nobles from Sasserine.

The dinner was a delight of food, drink and lively conversation. The Dippinshires were initially insulted that they head be seated at a table of thugs and treasure hunters, but came around as they noted most everyone was well-versed in the use of high-class cutlery. Tyro conversed mostly with Gavriel and Shensen about the lifestyle of an adventurer, while Glimji took any moment he could to insult Theo and his family. Dalem Bandershield mostly bragged and swapped stories with Logahn until one point he was called out by Seewicket. Gavreil, Logan, Dalem, Glimji, and Tyro all went into a back alley for a competition of strength. The results were close but ultimately Logahn came out on top, and Gavriel was left with a stained costume, smelling of garbage.

Celestine answered correctly in a test of wits and won herself a membership to the Bluecrater Academy

After dinner the guests moved back up stairs for the final dances. Some shenanigens by the Stormblades were had during the dances, but Theo brought the house down with thunderous applause with his performance as Nabthatoron, demon general of The Demonskar.

The Lord Mayor gave a final speech and awarded the Stormblades and the Unseen Hand of Justice with medals of valor for the courageous work they had done in the city.

Jerome spent the rest of the evening with Jenya, Logahn, the buffet table, and Gavrielle and Shensen must have slipped out early.

Theo decided to chat up the Lord Mayor about the rising taxes and the rumor he heard about Cauldron taxing the outlying towns. The Mayor didn’t approve of the conversation feeling that it really wasn’t any of Theo’s business. Nevertheless he indulged him and rambled on about much needed services and a citizens duty to the city that keeps you safe.

Celestine spoke with the assistant headmaster of The Bluecrater Acadamy. She had won the membership and wanted to introduce herself. She also told him about the plans and materials for the mysterious cage they found in the Ebion Triad’s dungeon hideout. The headmaster seemed very interested. He told her to bring the information to the school and he would have a look. Celestine also regaled the groups findings of the cage to Embril Aloustinai, High Priestess of Wee Jas. Being scholars of great magic, Celestine thought Embril might have some insight. Embril sensed Celestine’s uncertainty in what they had found, and gently scolded her.

“Perhaps you are meddling in forces you don’t quite understand?”

She told Celestine she could bring everything she had to the church and Embril would aslo be willing to take a look, although her sincerity was questionable.

Soon the Demonskar Ball was winding down and the guest were retiring for the night.

Day 28



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