Guildmaster of the Alley Bashers


Nothing is really known about the guildmaster of the Alley Bashers, other than he is very deadly with his rapier.

Some members of the guild claim that Artus has not been quite right lately. It seems he has been slowly descending into madness. They say that his agreement to Triel’s scheme was questionable at best and some members of the guild, who were loyal to Lofan Sinwin, opted not to get in on that action.


Artus was found by the party in a dungeon below Cauldron. His madness had clearly gotten the best of him as he sputtered and stammered about nightmares and sacrificing himself. His ramblings were mostly directed at Celestine as he seemed to think he had some kind of connection with her.

Benadrad killed him before any useful information could be obtained.


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