Benadrad Glimmerid

Gnome Alchemist



Race: Gnome
Class: Alchemist
Age: 40
Languages: Common, Goblin, Dwarven, Orc, Elven, Sylvan, Gnome, Uncommon

Brew Potion
Extra Bombs
Throw Anything

Precise Bombs


Benadrad Glimmerid was born in the city Sassarine and raised there until the age of twenty-eight. At that time Benadrad and his parents moved to Cauldron, his father had been offered a job by his bother-in-law. The job was to oversee the mining crews that would acquire gems for their merchant shops. Moving to a new city was hard on Benadrad everything he ever knew was in Sassarine but he soon found that he had a new cousin, Theodocius. Even though Theodocius was goblin it made no difference to him, they were friends and even more family. Being the friend of a goblin is no easy task. They were constantly teased and ridiculed. Benadrad could not take the endless name calling and decided to do something about it. He had heard of a potion of disguise and set out to learn the craft of Alchemy in order to help his cousin. Everything was set and soon he would be enrolled at “The Bluecrater Academy” but tragedy struck before his academics could begin. A loose boulder came crashing down on his father during a mining expedition. After the accident his uncle provided for his mother and himself but the Academy was out of the question. He was to join his uncle in the gem merchant business and leave all of this foolish Alchemy behind him. Benadrad would let nothing stop his journey to become a master Alchemist and he decided to leave home to find work. Soon Benadrad found his way to “Weer’s Elixirs” and this is where is would stay learning his craft. The rest of his days were spent making potions for Weer to sell. He hated that Weer took all of the credit for the potions he made and soon he yearned for a shop of his own. If only he had to money to open a show, if only there was some way, if only an adventure would arise with riches and glory.

Benadrad Glimmerid

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