Bibbford Glimmerid

Gnomish Merchant


Theo’s adopted father, and Benadrad’s uncle, he owns and operates Glimmerid’s Glimmering Gems. He is generous to a fault, quick to fund community welfare projects, or give a silver to any unfortunate with a sad story. Though he is considered a bit strange for adopting a goblin, he is extremely well-liked for his humanitarian efforts and altruism.


It was about 15 years ago that the Glimmerid and his wife Neji came to Cauldron. Neji and Bibbford were attracted to the rich gnomish history of Cauldron and settled there. Not ones to be deterred by the lasting affects of poverty, they moved into a lakeside manor if not only to prove that the slums of Cauldron can prosper once more, and prosper it did. The altruistic Glimmerids put a huge amount of money into the district and the result was the revitalization of the once great gnomish borough known as Jzadirton. Over time many of the gnomes who lived in the city migrated to this area.

It was this great project that inspired the previous Mayor, Lord Worwick Navalant, to grant Bibbford nobility. Being modest and down to earth, Bibbford reluctantly accepted the title. At first dismissing the lavish lifestyle of nobility, Bibbford has come to enjoy the perks and benefits of Cauldron’s upper class. Much to her dismay Neji needs to bring Bibbford’s head out of the clouds at times, but is not concerned because his occasional opulence does not supercede his deep kindness and generosity toward the city.

Theo has recently met with his father after an attack on his warehouse and stores. Bibbford expressed his concern of possible corruption in the city government. He told Theo he had a plan in mind but before he could explain it he pulled out a scroll and disappeared in a puff of magic.

Bibbford Glimmerid

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