Jenya Urikas

High Priestess of St. Cuthbert


Jenya is the High Priestess at the church of St. Cuthbert. She was made so after the brutal murder of the previous High Priest, Sarcem Delesharn.

Jenya is 30 years old, has brown eyes, and likes to wear her hair in various elaborate styles. Although she stands only 5’4" in height, she walks tall and confronts evil with merciless resolve. Her good nature belies her fierce convictions, and she freely supports capital punishment for despicable crimes.


Jenya first met the party when they escorted the priest Ruphus Laro back to the church after he was accosted by members of the Last Laugh thieves guild. He was on his way to The Lantern Street Orphanage to investigate recent kidnappings of some of the children. Jenya recruited the party into finding the missing orphans and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

The party has rescued the orphans, and Jenya has rewarded them for their actions. The evil half-dwarf/half-troll who was responsible was captured and put to death.

During the Flood Festival Jenya received a sending spell from Sarcem Delesharn that he was cornered in the basement of The Lucky Monkey with the Wands of Water Control. She sent The Unseen Hand of Justice to rescue him, but they were too late. Sarcem had been brutally murdered by the werebaboon known as TongueEater. The wands had gone missing.

The party recovered the wands in a dungeon below Cauldron which had been stolen as part of a plot by the evil priestess Triel Eldurhurst.

The city was saved from massive flooding with the wands just in time by the priests and priestesses of the churches of St. Cuthbert, Kord, and Sarenrae. Representatives from the church of Wee Jas were noticeably absent.

Jenya Urikas

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