Lofan Sinwin

Flamboyant Perfume Merchant/Guildmaster of The Alley Bashers


Lofan Sinwin is a flamboyant perfume merchant who does his business at Harper’s. Always dressed in outrageously bright blue, purple, orange, etc. Lofan is kind, but shrewd and extremely gossipy. He is a man with information. For the right price, of course.


Theodocious, party rogue, knows that Lofan is a member of The Alley Bashers thieve’s guild.

Theo has spoken with Lofan on more then one occasion. He has come to learn that Lofan can be a supplier of important information, for the right price of course.

When the party defeated Artus in the dungeon below Cauldron. Lofan was able to move in as the new guildmaster for the Ally-Bashers.

Lofan Sinwin

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