Lord Terseon Skellerang

Captain of the Guard


Lord Skellerang is captain of the town guard. He is a tall lanky man. He is quite gruff but a man of few words. He is no nonsense and likes to get things done.
Skellerang has had a lot on his mind lately as crime rates are unusually high with the kiddnappings and vandalism and petty burglaries. The current town guard is having trouble keeping up.


Terseon Skellerang tried to recruit the party to investigate and clean-up the goblin problem the city has been having. He is still unsure if they actually agreed to it. They did not due to conflicts of interest.

Skellerang had petitioned to the Lord Mayor to bring in the half-orc mercanaries that have been bolstering the forces of the town guard. This is in response to the kidnappings, vandalism, etc.

Lord Terseon Skellerang

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