Lord Thomas Vhalantru

Half-Elf Deputy Mayor of Cauldron


Vhalantru is a tall, “more human looking than elf” looking half-elf. He has long blonde hair and blue eyes. He has a broad and welcoming smile.

He has always had a “common’s man” personality and is well-liked by the people of Cauldron.


Fifteen years ago, Vhalantru generously donated a huge sum of money to fund the rebuilding of the Town Hall and several other old structures that were starting to fall apart. As a result he was welcomed into the city’s aristocracy and eventually rose to Deputy Mayor with a successful political career.

The party met Vhalantru in the Town Hall while trying to obtain a guild charter. He had informed them that the last adventurers license was given to Stormblades. The party was able to convince Vhalantru to release another charter in light of the good deeds the party had done for the city. It also helped that Vhalantru was aware of Theo’s “nobility” and was actually acquaintances with his parents. Vhalantru sympathized with Theo in regards to the way the nobility treated him because of his goblin heritage.

The Unseen hand of Justice has taken a mission sponsored by Vhalantru to rescue Zenith Splintershield, son of Davek Splintershield from the underdark.

Lord Thomas Vhalantru

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