Shebeleth Regidin

Archbishop of Sarenrae


Shebeleth is a short lanky man who looks much older than he really is. He always wears flowing robes and the high peaked cap as typical of his position. He carries a large golden staff.
He is an the Archbishop of Sarenrae from Sasserine.


Shebeleth has arrived in Cauldron to assist in the troubles Cauldron has been having lately.
He is also largely concerned with the weakening of power in Cauldron’s Church of Sarenrae. He has been making some strides in attracting new followers.

Shebeleth was the mentor of party warpriest Logahn after his was captured from his home. He has always been accepting of Loghan’s lean towards the “Cleansing Fire” aspect of Sarenrae’s duality. Encouraging him to take a necessary role that is rarely sought out by priests of The Dawnflower.

Recently, Shebeleth and Logahn met with Triel Eldurhurst at the prison in the town hall. Shebelith questioned her and her desire to repent. She made it clear that she was not interested in redemption, so Shebeleth instructed Logahn to follow through with his duties as a priest of Sarenrae. Logahn beheaded Triel. This was despite the protests of Terseon Skellerang.

Shebeleth Regidin

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