Shensen Tesseril

Female Half-Drow Druid


Shensen Tesseril is a half-drow druid. She tends the shrine of Fharlanghn at The Lucky Monkey.


The party has rescued Shensen from the basement of The Lucky Monkey where she had locked herself in a room. She chose to remain back to try and rebuild what was done to the Inn but she has pledged her debt to the party.

Shensen is a member of The Striders of Fharlanghn.

Shensen has confessed to Gavriel that her group had travelled to Cauldron following a group of evil adventurers known as The Necrotants. Shensen’s leader believes that the leader of the Necrotants, a priest of Nerull named Khyron Bonesworn is answering to someone else in the Cauldron region.

Shensen asked Gavriel if he and his friends would be willing to confront the Necrotants should the time come and Gavriel agreed on their behalf.

Shensen Tesseril

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