Terrem Kharatys

Human Orphan


Terrem Is the boy from the Lantern Street Orphanage that was taken by the beholder and later returned safely by a mysterious cloaked stranger.

There is something a little off about him. He always looks tired, and he frequently mumbles under his breath to himself.


Celestine and Theo went to visit the boy at the Lantern Street Orphanage. Gretchen, the elderly halfling woman who runs the orphanage told them that the boy was returned in the middle of the night by a mysterious cloaked stranger. The stranger waited with Terrem at the door until Gretchen answered it, then whisked off into the night without a peep. Gretchen knows nothing about the stranger, saying…

“It was too dark, and she carried off in a big, big hurry.”
“I was just too overjoyed to see Terrem, that I didn’t bother with the stranger”

The boy’s name is Terrem Kharatys and there is something a little off about him. Enough that even Kazmojen’s customer did not want to purchase him. He appears tired with baggy eyes and sometimes mumbles to himself. He looks troubled.

Terrem told them that he and the Beholder appeared out of nowhere in an old building…

“There was lots of broken stuff and cobwebs, and then there was a lady! Right out of nowhere… just like us!”

He couldn’t seem to describe the women other than saying “she was real pretty and nice.”

“The big eye ball told her I was real important and she should bring me home and she just said ‘yes master’.”
“Then she did some mumbily-jumbily with her hands and mouth and the big eyeball thing disappeared.”
“Then she took me home. She was REAAAAAL nice.”

Terrem Kharatys

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