The Stormblades

Noble born adventuring party


The Stormblades are four local adventurers who are also the sons and daughters of various noble family in Cauldron. These four young aristocrats decided to form an adventuring party to get some excitement, fame, and extra cash several months ago and spent those months exploring some of the less dangerous catacombs below the city. They also took care of the goblin vandalism in the city because the Unseen Hand of Justice were too big of a bunch of pussies to do it themselves. So pretty much most of their time is being spent as the greatest, most bad-ass adventuring party in the city. At least that’s what mommy and daddy say.

Annah Taskerhill
Annah is the leader of The Stormblades, if only due to her remarkable gift ith words and her shocking beauty. She is tall, with smooth ducky skin, long black hair braided in cornrows, sharp feautres and a great sense of fashion. She is the daughter of Ankhin Taskerhall, the richest and most powerful man in the city.

Cora Lathenmire
Cora is the most quiet and bloodthisty in the group and quick to anger. Cora has short red hair, numerous scars, and a swaggering gait. Her parents are well known weapons traders and they have bought-out all the smiths in town, with the exceptin of Gurnezarn’s smithy.

Zachary Aslaxin II
Zachary is the most level headed member of the Stormblades, perhaps because of his new found faith in Kord. Zachary is tall and ruggedly handsome, with a well trimmed beard and curly dark brown hair. His parent’s are nobles who run the high-class Inn/party house called “The Coy Nixie” and also host the famed Demonskar Ball at said location.

Toddd Vanderboren
Toddd is the cackling toady of the stormblades. He’s a little too thin for his frame, and his weak chin and long face make him look a bit like a weasel. His eyes are watery and his hair is short and black. His clothes are well made but he wears them without grace. His parents are Lady Aeberrin and Lord Premiach Vanderboren.


The Stormblades

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