The Striders of Fharlanghn

Adventuring Party


The Striders of Fharlanghn are an adventuring party based in the region of Cauldron. They are noble and brave but also low key and keep to themselves. The party consists of:

Shensen Tesseril
Shensen Tesseril is a half-drow druid. She tends the shrine of Fharlanghn at The Lucky Monkey.ShensenTesseril.jpg

The party rescued Shensen from the basement of Lucky Monkey where she had locked herself in a room. She chose to remain back to try and rebuild what was done to the Inn but she has pledged her debt to the party. She has recently befriended Gavriele and was even invited by him to The Demonskar Ball

Fario & Fellian
Fario_Fellian.jpgLittle is still known about these elves except they are friends with both Shensen and Skie of Skie’s Treasury.

Fario has a pale complexion, crisp blue eyes, and silky blonde hair cut short and left wild.

Fellian has tanned skin, bright green eyes, and long brown hair. He also wears a holy symbol of Fharlanghn.

Horag.jpgHorag is a rowdy but friendly Half-orc Barbarian. The party met Horag at the Minuta’s Board the first night of the Drink Down the Flood competition. Horag takes pride in the fact that he is the only non-elf member of the Striders of Fharlanghn mostly by heckling the others about their elven heritages.


The Striders of Fharlanghn

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