Triel Eldurhurst

Female Human Cleric of evil gods


According to the wanted poster, Triel has fair skin, red hair, and facial tattoos


Triel is wanted for the murder of four town guards. The party is currently investigating her whereabouts. The party has discovered Triel is hiring Alley Basher members and supplying them with weapons for some unknown reason.

Triel has been captured after a long fought battle by the party. She was wearing a holy symbol that was dedicated to not one but three evil gods. Hextor, Vecna, and Erythnul. The party took Triel to the townhall/guard quarters and were given a 2000 gp reward.

The party uncovered a plot by Triel to steal the Wands of Water Control and ransom them back to the city. They also discovered that Triel is one of three other worshipers of an evil cult known as The Ebion Triad. The Ebion Triad had been working for someone to construct mysterious magical cages of an unknown purpose. This information was revealed to them by the journal of one of the three members of The Ebion Triad, Skaven Umbermead.

Later, Shebeleth Regidin and Logahn met with Triel at the prison in the town hall. Shebelith questioned her and her desire to repent. She made it clear that she was not interested in redemption, so Shebeleth instructed Logahn to follow through with his duties as a priest of Sarenrae. Logahn beheaded Triel. This was despite the protests of Terseon Skellerang


Triel Eldurhurst

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