The City of Cauldron

Day 19
The Swaggin' Dragon, or How Logahn Broke his Sword

The party had mounted the bucking bronco that was the Flood Festival and managed to stay on, with only a few near disasters caused by drunken complete lapses of reason along the way.

The day started early. For the first time in a while, Celestine was seeming a bit more “there.” It was as if her will had returned to her! In good spirits, she and Logahn met Gavriel down near the festivities on the waterfront. Celestine led a troop of downtrodden yet bright-eyed orphans to have a crack at the morning’s challenge: the Crater Lake Monster Hunt, which had just the other day overwhelmed the booze-weakened Gavriel, who was presently marching ahead of the group. Gavriel tried to encourage one of the orphans by giving them an arrow as a token of courage. He gave the arrow to Terrem, who asked him if the arrow came from a “demon from hell.” Unfamiliar with Terrem’s, slight instability, Gavriel replied “YES!” and scared the living shit out of poor little Terrem who ran off in fear.. The kids all took a crack at the swimming challenge. One of them almost succeeded. Then Gavriel tried. Though able to swim a bit better than on his last attempt, he failed to pick the right floaty thing.

Logahn wasn’t much of a swimmer, so he wandered off to pursue his pet craving, which was to find the lost rat StarBrow (“Wise one”) and reunite him with master, the redemptive inmate Keygen. Logan enlisted the naturalist Gavriel to assist him in this endeavor. He had a feeling Gavriel would be “down-for-whatever” and sure enough, the tracker was hungry for adventure to begin the day. (That was his original feeling on the topic, but by the end it was only the promise of “drinks” that would serve to keep him grinding on.)

Logahn’s plan was simple: have Gavriel talk to rats, with the assumption that Starbrow would not have blended in very well due to his being a dire rat and wise beyond his years/evolutionary potential, and thus most rats would probably know something regarding his whereabouts. The plan basically worked. The pair of adventurers followed the trail, liberally sprinkling “rations” to any rat that claimed to have something to offer, until they were pretty sure that they had found the rathole that Starbrow had made his home. Gavriel fired an arrow at the opening through a sewer grate so that they could mark where they needed to go, and then he and Logahn made their way to the nearest porthole down into the sewer. Soon, they stood on the threshold where the fetid gloom of that subterranean stone-work met with the happy festival sun. The air smelled of both cinnamon buns and poopy stench.

This might have been the moment when Gavriel started talking about “drinks.” Logahn assured him that looking for Starbrow was in fact a good use of his time, and that there would be drinks, and that in fact, it was a better use of time than attending the flood festival. Satisfied with this airtight logic, Gavriel motioned for Logahn to lead the way and in they went.

They hadn’t walked long before Gavriel paused to note a disturbance in the water ahead … something was alive down here. Logahn scratched his head for a moment, but eventually shrugged and resumed his hulking march onward toward their destination.

SNAP! Jaws surged out of nowhere and nearly took a chunk out of Gavriel. It was a good ol’ fight in the dark: poorly directed swords, arrows, tails and claws whipped up the fecal slurry. By the end, the beast (they surmised it was a Sewer Lizard), had fled, leaving Logahn with some wounds and worse, a broken longsword. Ogreballs! But they had come so far, and the rathole beckoned with its promise of Starbrow’s beautiful face.

The mini-adventured ended happily as Gavriel’s message reached Starbrow, and Logahn managed to coax him into a bag. From there, Logahn went back to the Church of Sarenrae, did some cursory rat-proofing of his room, and left Starbrow there while he joined the others back at the festival.

Logahn returned just in time for the main event of the day: Hookface’s Hoard, which was a real life dragon simulation put on by the townspeople manipulating a giant twenty-person dragon costume. And thus the Unseen Hand stepped out of of the shadows and into the public spotlight! But there was a twist! As it turned out, a not-quite-accidental doublebooking had taken place for their time slot with Hookface. It quickly became apparent that the Hand would be joined by The Stormblades and they would both have to fight for the rewards that Hookface might divulge.

The Stormblades tried to unnerve up their opponents with nasty comments about the Hand’s ancestry and general appearance. For the most part, this was all stuff they had heard before so they kept their cool, firing back with some incisive mockery of the Stormblades’ general affectation. But before things could get too heated, it was time for the challenge.

The teams jostled about for the best positions near the juiciest loot locations in the middle, while trying to avoid being the one that the dragon noticed. The mechanical beast whipped around the arena. It snapped at the contestants from points along its flanks, claiming a few victims which allowed the others to scrounge about unmolested for a time. But Hookface policed his domain well, and circled again and again to eliminate the scroungers if they had not already ran off, satisfied with their rewards.

In the end, it was a good haul for the team. Among their prizes were a good amount of money, a masterwork rapier and an invitation to the Flood Festival Ball. It was nice to see a city going out of its way to subsidize its adventurers!

In the evening, Logahn and Celestine remembered that they needed to go meet Shebeleth Regidin, Archbishop of their order. Logahn knew this guy well, for he had been Logahn’s guardian and mentor.

The Archbishop hopped out of a sweet chariot with “tons of gold” all over it. He was pleased to meet Celestine, and Logahn explained how they had been doing good works for the city, but thought they had only just scratched the surface of what was possibly a much larger network of evil. The Archbishop was interested in this – and was taken aback to learn that they had encountered a Beholder beneath the city – but he had really come to press the matter of investigating the murdered priest of Sarenrae. He felt that the Jurgenson didn’t have the “right stuff” to handle this, as evidenced by the fact that he had made no headway on the matter. He was also quite concerned as to why Jurgenson had not shown to Sasserine for the annual crafting of the wands of water control. It was tradition of the four major churches of Cauldron to travel to Sasserine in order to obtain these wands to protect the city from the winter floods. He noted that the Churches of We Jas and Kord had not participated in the program for many years, as they no longer felt it was a matter of import. Sarenrae and St. Cuthbert had always remained diligent in this task. This year however, Sarenrae failed to show as well. This served to the Bishop as another testament of the weakening influence of The Dawnflower in Cauldron as well as the ineptitude of it’s current leadership.

They ended their conversation, and headed back into the city for whatever the night might bring.

Day 18
Flood Festival Day 2

The next day the party woke up with wicked hangovers. Gavriel headed over to the Crator Lake Monster Hunt, which was like a giant “duckie hunt” that takes place in the lake. The eccentric gnome known as Harper was there. She was yelling like a raving lunatic about the mythical Crater Lake monster. That if the contest continued surely someone would get eaten. The crowd just rolled their eyes at the obvious nutjob. Meanwhile Gavriel couldn’t even manage to swim. His night out was too much.

Benadrad headed off to The Bluecrater Academy to research a potion that would increase his fortitude for the drinking contest. Theo participated in some other festival games, and walked away with a nice little trophy. Logahn decided preparations should be made for potential winter floods, and spent the day bagging sand.

Another popular Flood Festival event is the “Drain the Clouds” archery game. Participants shoot at burlap bags that are painted white, stuffed with prizes, and hung from a tall scaffolding. All the party members participated, even Logahn, despite the fact that he had not wielded a bow since his Ranged Weapons 101 class back at Adventurers University. They all came out with a little extra jingle in the pockets, but it was only Benadrad who was able to shoot down the highest target winning himself a set of magical crossbow bolts.

After a nice meal of “chicken” prepared by Box. The group once again head out to Minuta’s Boardhouse for the second night of “Drinking down the Flood.” Gavriel, who had already been eliminated, spent The night drinking with the half-orc. He learned his name was Horag and that he was working with a group in the area known as “The Striders of Fharlanghn.”

The two thugs from the night before were there. But this time they had a posse with them. Benadrad drink his potion and called one of them out. The thug laughed. “Challenge someone your own size.” But Benadrad refused, “I’m challenging YOU and give me HUMAN sized drinks.” Drink for drink they went, but of course the gnome with his potion beat the man handily. As Soon as it was done, Ben high-tail it out of there because he knew as soon as the potion wore off he would be sloshed. The rest of the night continued with the usual merriment.

Day 19

Day 17
Flood Festival - Day 1

The Flood Festival had officially begun. But of course, everyone knows the Flood Festival hadn’t officially begun. The Flood Festival doesn’t “officially begin” until the first night of the “Drink Down the Flood” competition, and that was tonight.
A night out on the town was much needed after the beatdowns that were exchanged the night before. Of course the party chose the shittiest bar in town to participate, Minuta’s Boardhouse, also the suspected location of The Alley Bashers thieves guild.

The inn had a seedy, dank atmosphere but people were cheerful and excited for the night and the week to come. Drinks were flowing and soon competitors were calling each other out. Logahn challenged a fumanchu’d human. Theo & Ben were assigned against a pair of Halflings, and Gavriel looked around for the biggest, meanest looking fellow he could find. The Boardhouse, of course, was not to disappoint as Gav walked up to a Hulking Half-orc and issued his challenge. The orc slammed his fists on the table and gave him a toothy growl accepting the bold move by the elf.

The contest functioned as followed: One on one competitors would take a shot of cheap but strong wine (Symbolizing the citizen’s task of consuming as much of the liquids in the city as they can in order to reduce the winter waters) and then stack their glass on the table in a pyramid shape. (Symbolizing the sandbag walls citizens sometimes build to hold back the floods.) The first person to knock over their stack was the loser.

Logahn bout was competitive but HE came out victories in the end, As did Benadrads. Theo’s match was a total blowout as his competition knock down his pyramid. Before he was even drunk. But the biggest upset of the night was Gavriel vs the Half-orc. Shot for shot they went at it, until they were both three sheets to the wind, on the seventh shot Gav AND the orc fumbled with their glasses knocking over their pyramids and they were BOTH eliminated on the first night.

The night continued with more drinking and Benadrad made some not so subtle attempts to start trouble with the Alley Bashers. Two thugs approached him from behind. Harsh words were exchanged and one of the thugs took a swing at Ben. Theo rounded them to flank and unsheathed his rapier and Logahn started. Gavriel pulled out his bow but he was just too drunk to get his shit together, falling on the ground. Out of nowhere, Benadrad threw down a smoke bomb choking the area in the heavy cloud. Theo whispered and warning to one of the thugs as poked the tip of his sword into his back. The thugs knew they were outmatched and weaseled their way out of there. One went through the front door, and one out a back door that led into a kitchen. Theo tailed the one into the kitchen stealthly and watched him disappear into a pantry. He followed him in but he was gone. There must be a secret door, but Theo was too drunk to locate it. Back in the bar room tables were be flipped and havoc was being wrought, but eventually in died down and everyone was in for the night.

DAY 18

Day 16 Evening Part II
FInally the bitch is down

The fight against Triel rages on as our heroes give chase after her down the alleys of Cauldron. Giving insult to injury the dark winter skies opened and stormed upon the city, and the raindrops stung any exposed flesh. The battle has been tough for both sides, but our heroes are wearing Triel down. Bloody and battered she casts a spell of protection on herself paying homage to her god. In order to keep from retreating further Theo sneaks around to the other end of the alley to cut off her escape. Caught on both sides Triel hunkers down to for the final battle. The battle is long and wrought with misfortune as our hero’s attacks continue to not phase her. Cursing the party with ramblings of ‘The Fragmented Divinity and ‘The Ebion Triad,’ Triel narrowed in on the party priest and swung hard at Celestine. She landed two vicious blows forcing Celestine back to lick her wounds. Triel lands mighty blows against our heroes but, they remain determined to take her down and claim the bounty on her head. Drinking a bizarre concoction, Benadrad mutates beastly hands and feet and climbs up a building with ease to get on top of the roof. Looking down on the battle he takes a leap of faith and lands on Triel knocking her down to a prone position. Rufus is able to then sink his teeth into her leg causing massive damage. Triel, cursing, sputtering, and bestowed with power of the bull, is able to throw Benadrad off and come back on to her feet. The battle continues to rage on inevitably ending with our heroes being able to bring Triel down and claiming the spoils of their victory. With Triel knocked unconscious they stripped of her items, gold, weapons, and armor. A curious holy symbol around her neck was confiscated by Celestine. It bared the symbol of not one, but THREE gods joined in a triangular fashion: Hextor, Vecna, and another unidentifiable, but presumably wicked deity. With that, our heroes headed to Skelerang’s, the head of the town guard, in order to claim their bounty. Upon their arrival they are met by two guards, Benadrad approaches them and tells them to let them in as they have business with Skelerang. The guards seeming not too happy with Benadrad’s tone ask for more information and denied them entrance until they fess up to exactly what they are doing there. Benadrad makes the guards aware of their capture of Triel, the killer of the town guards. The guards speak amongst themselves sounding surprised at our hero’s claim. The guards grant them access to speak with Skelerang. Upon entering they are met by Skelerang dressed in his pajamas. He speaks to our heroes letting them know they better have a good reason for waking him at such a late hour. Our heroes present Skelerang with Triel who is still unconscious but still muttering to herself. Surprised that our heroes actually captured her he gives them their reward of 2000 gold. Our heroes split up and go their separate ways until the morning. On their way home Benadrad pulls Theo aside and asks him for help on a certain matter. Benadrad wishes to rob his previous employer of his potions which Benedrad helped to create. Arriving at his house they attempt to break in through the window which is enchanted. Benadrad neglected to mention that Weer was one of the most powerful wizards in Cauldron. Theo does his best to try and break the window but fails. Benadrad decides to cut his losses and go home deciding to come back at another time. The next morning Theo heads to Skie’s to sell Triel’s weapon and armor. The ever curious Skie presses Theo for the tale, but once again is denied the free entertainment. Word gets around fast in Cauldron though and Skie gives Theo a wink. We see Gavriel awake early as well taking Rufus for a walk. As our heroes are out they begin seeing a large mass of people beginning to gather at The Lakeside Pavilion. Curious Gavriel and Theo head towards the large crowd. As they approach they hear the people chanting “Flood Festival.” The crowd is lively and cheerful dispite the rain, but hushed overtones of displeasure against the mayor and the new taxes flavor the mood. As the chanting grows louder The Lord Mayor Navalant, The Lord Deputy Mayor Vhalantru, and Lord Terseon Skellerang appear by coach with the 4 high priests and priestesses of the major churches of Cauldron: Kirstoff Jurgenson of Sarenrae, Jenya Urikas of St. Cuthbert, Embril Aloustinai of Wee Jas, and Asfelkir Hranleurt of Kord. The mayor gives a speech and recalls history of the flood festival and soon the 4 priests and priestesses begin chanting in order to perform the ceremonial lowering of the lake water. The single but powerful spell “control water” is easily cast by the High Priestess of Wee Jas and the High Priest of Kord. A muffled grumbling disperses through the crowd and they watch Jenya, acting high priestess of St Cuthbert, struggle with a scroll that is beyond her abilities, and the High Priest of Sarenrae hold his head in shame with no abilities to contribute to the ceremony. Embril makes no attempt to hide her dissaproving scowl for the lesser clergy. The Flood Festival has now begun, let’s see what events our heroes will participate in.

Day 17

Day 16 Evening
To catch Triel

It was late evening at the Lakeside Pavilion. The usual drizzle soaked the streets of Cauldron and The Unseen Hand of Justice lay in wait to set off their trap. They flanked the Pavilion on three sides as The Alley Bashers made their way into it via the lake shore entrance. Soon enough two cloaked figures entered the pavilion, the taller of the two holding a large sack. He dropped the sack in front of the alley bashers, who proceded to rummage through it. A tuft of Triel’s Bright red hair was enough to call it. Theo gave the signal and arrows and bolts whizzed.

The startled group broke up as soon as they realized they were being ambushed. The Alley Bashers fled like dogs, but Triel and her companion stayed as The Hand revealed themselves. Triel_Elderhurst.jpgThe cloaks came down and The party witnessed the juggernaut that was Triel. Clad in fullplate and wielding a huge flail. Her face, covered in tattoos, was sinister and crazed. Her partner was a hulking half-orc with an ape-ish mug. He had a great axe in hand.

The party focused their attacks on Triel, but her armor seemed impenetrable. She turned to the half-orc and shouted. “Stick with the plan! I’ll handle this scum!” The half-orc nodded and took off with uncanny speed. Theo made an attempt at pursuit, but quickly realized he was no match for this orc’s pace.

Triel waded into battle with her flail flailing. The parties weapons bounced off her as she trudged her way outside the pavlion, and laying heavy blows on Benadrad and Logahn. Her eyes turned black as she chanted to an unknown god and inhuman strength was bestowed on her. It seemed they were starting to wear her down however, and she made her way into an alleyway…..

Day 16 Evening Part II

Day 15
Back to Town

It was time to head back to Cauldron in the morning. But first, the ever resourceful Benadrad suggested finding some individuals who were also headed back to see if they were in need of personal armed escorts. They found an obsidian merchant named Finstro who was headed back with his wife June in the morning. After some haggling Finstro agreed to pay the party 55gp to escort them back to town.

On the third day back. Benadrad, Gavrielle, and Theo decided to leave the priests with the merchants and head off-road to hunt dinosaurs. Ben wanted to bring back a treat for the mimic he left deserted in his small house. Large raptors were common and Gavriele’s elven sniffer was quickly hot on the trail. He spotted the dino off behind a rock and deftly crept into an advantageous position.
“WHAT’S GOING ON! DID YOU FIND SOME DINOSAURS GAV?!” Ben shouted, clunking through the jungle behind him. The raptor peeked up, spotted the two and gave them a warning screech. Thinking quickly, Gav sent his bear, “Bear” charging toward the reptile. Theo caught up, Ben moved into position and the hunt was on.
Bear met dino in a furry/scaly ball of gnashing teeth, ripping claws, and slicing talons. Vicious blows were traded by both and things were looking grim for team mammal. Meahwhile another feathered head peeked up from behind the rock and one dinosaur had turned into two. Deinonychus.jpgThe second circled around and headed for Benadrad who was waiting bomb in hand. The three heroes stumbled with their steps and whiffed with their arrows. While Bear scrapped like this could be the end. As the fury lifted, Bear was broken and bloodied, but he stood victorious with sagging dino corpse hanging from his mouth. Realizing that his master and his companions were getting shredded alive, Bear turned and limped toward the second beast. Theo had been gutted, Ben’s bombs were missing by a mile and one by one Grav’s arrows stuck into nothing but trees and ground. The dino was tired though and taking blows here and there. After a knock-down drag-out fight the party was finally victorious.
Gavrielle butchered the beasts for easy “bag of holding storage” and the bloodied team headed back to meet up with the rest of the convoy.

Upon arriving in town the party split. Theo went off to take care of some business in Harper’s Bazaar, Logahn and Celestine went back to their temple, and Benadrad & Gavrielle headed back to his house to check on Box.

When they got there, Ben’s house was thoroughly locked down. The guards weren’t even allowing people within 100 yards. Apparently a monster was on the loose in “someone’s” house. Benadrad told the guards his children and family were in the area and he wanted to check on them. The guard bought the story and went back towards the house to double-check to make sure the area was clear of civillians. Ben told Gav to create a diversion while he snuck to the back of the house.
Cora_Lathenmire.jpgGavrielle made his way toward the house. He noticed that the guards were accompanied by four individuals that stood out. One that he recognized was Cora Lanthenmire, the red-headed daughter of the Noble Lanthenmire family. “Cora! Cora! Over here!” She glanced at him confused.

Another of the four approached him with a guard: a well-dress dark skinned human. annah_taskerhill.jpgShe bluntly told Gavrielle that things were under control and there was no need for him. “Please leave!” she said with contempt. Not giving up on his diversion he told her that he was Cora’s cousin and he needed to talk to her. The women was obviously friends with Cora and on to Gav’s ruse, and his pointy ears were not helping the situation. An argument insued.

Meanwhile, Benadred was crawling through the back window of his house and it was obvious Box had gone crazy during his absence. The room was destroyed and there were traces of blood. The guards had already made one unsuccessful attempt to subdue the beast. As soon as Box saw Ben, a pseudopod went flying and the blow nearly knocked the wind out of the gnome. “FOOD! TREASURE! HOOOOOOOOOOME!” Box was insane with rage and confusion. Ben started to talk it down tempting it with the dinosaur meat they had got from the hunt. It took some time and a few more beatings on Ben, but the mimic was slowly regaining composure. There was a banging at the door. The guards were coming in for a second try.

Zachary_Aslaxin_II.jpgOutside, Gavrielle had been blown off but he wasn’t finished yet. He slipped into the crowd and headed straight for Cora. Grabbing onto her arm he continued with the charade. “Cora! Cora! I need to talk to you!” From behind Cora a young man stepped in to stop Gravielle. “What the hell are you doing?!” Gravielle balled up his fist and let him have it. Stunned the man stepped back and yelled “Guards! Seize him!”

A half a dozen guards jumped Gavrielle and pinned him down, but his goal was successful. The confusion he had created bought Ben some more time. Cora swaggered up to Gavrielle who had a wide grin on his face. She gave him a disgusted look and walloped him in the gut before the guards dragged him off.

Inside the house Benadrad was frantically trying to get Box out of the house. The people trying to get in had stopped for a moment and Ben worked out a plan. He coerced the mimic out of the window and fed him an invisibility potion. Ben calmly walked the mimic slowly to Theo’s Museum. The invisibility of course did nothing for Box’s mad ramblings, so Ben ranted and raved like a tourette’s patient, drawing stares from all the residents of the neighborhood.

At Harper’s Bazaar, Theo was trying to get the attention of Lofan Sinwin the perfume merchant. Theo had long suspected that he was a member of The Alley Bashers and was hoping to get some information. Theo hid behind his stall and whispered to him.
OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY!” Lofan said with great flare, “If you wish to purchase my fine perfumes, please come to the front of the stall.” Theo wasn’t taking the hint. “PURCHASE, my FINE perfumes OF COUUUUUUURSE.” he repeated. So Theo walked to the front of the stall, with the 30gp he had left to his name.
FINE PERFUUUUUMES, COLOGNES, AND SCENTS!!! Perhaps you need some for the upcoming Demonskar Ball?” He wasn’t giving up his cover. Theo gave him the 30gp. Lofan rolled his eyes and dropped character. “Who the fuck are you!? What do you want!?”
I need to know about Triel, she’s been dealing with The Alley Bashers. Lofan looked down at the measly pittance of gold Theo had given him and said, “I’m only going to talk to you because I don’t like her. She’s crazy and The Alley Bashers are in over their heads.”
“She’s got some kind of scheme planned, she’s been supplying the Alley Bashers with weapons and enlisting their aid.”
“Do you know anything else?” Theo asked.
“She’s having another meeting with some members at The Lakeside Pavilion tomorrow night.”
Good enough Theo thought and bid farewell.
“I’ll look into further.” Lofan replied. “Next time bring gold! …ALOT!”

The party discussed and decided they would crash Triel’s party the following night. But first there was the not so small matter of getting Gavriele out of hot water. Benadrad had a plan. He went to the town hall to meet with Skellerang, but beforehand he mixed up a potion of disguise. Chugging the brew changed the appearance of his clothes and face into that of Bibbford Glimmerwid, his uncle and adopted father of Theo. The resemblance was already there and he brought Theo with him to lend support to his ruse. Too easy.“Bibbford” used his noble clout to convince Skellerang to release Gavriele to his custody. Skellerang obliged, but warned him that he likely would not be able to protect them from further tangles with the children of powerful nobles. Too easy.

Day 16 Evening

Arrival at The Lucky Monkey

The Unseen Hand of Justice: an interesting name for what is turning out to be just a bunch of common hired mercenaries: Nevertheless they made it to The Lucky Monkey, hardly breaking a sweat.

All but Gavriele had been to the lively roadside inn. Gavriele pointed out the intricatly carved frescos on the buildings facade like a rehearsed tour guide. It sported numerous carved monkeys, many of whom were engaged in risky, death-defying stunts. When they entered the building it was all too obvious why this was such a popular place. The smell of rich leather and stained wood assaulted their senses. Food and mead were flowing and local workers chattered and cheered for the end of a hard day’s work.

Gavriele went straight for the innkeeper, a jolly sot named Nather Terney. Benadrad called for a round of drinks, courtesy of the dead gnolls, and was met with resounding “HUZZAH!”
The innkeeper knew nothing about the parties mark, wanted criminal Triel Elderhurst, but he pointed them to someone who did. Bernadrad calling for a second round of drinks and personally delivered the drink to the skeezy chap.

He didn’t have much to say, but what he did say seemed to carry alot of weight. He said Triele had been in here looking for Sarcem Delasharn. Delasharn was the high priest of St. Cuthbert and he had been off on business in Sasserine. He also said that he had seen her chumming around with memebers of “The Alley Bashers.” Theo pointed out that the Alley Bashers were another thieve’s guild centered in Cauldron. Ben and Gav pressed the man for more information but he realized what his loose lips might get him and he sealed them tight. He was not giving up anymore information to these strangers, no matter how many more drinks they were to give him.

Meanwhile Logahn was interested in the religious shrine Gavrielle had spoke of. Someone pointed out it’s location in the Inn to him. He entered and discovered a well kept shrine to Fharlanghn, the God of Travel. The shrine was tended by the aforementioned “Shensen Tesseril” a half-drow.

Day 15

Day 14

Our adventures had been on the road for three days now and had they thought about it more before leaving perhaps they would have rented some horses. The journey to the Lucky Monkey was a solid three day walk which gave the party time to learn about their newest member Gavriel. He was an interesting Elf; it was not often that you found an elf so interested in the procurement of money. The Unseen Hand liked this; he would fit in fine with this group. Gavriel spoke of his time at the Lucky Monkey and how he had become interested in a particular druid that often visited the establishment. Would this be a journey of love? That would remain to be seen.

Traveling the roads around Cauldron was not for the faint of heart. These roads were dangerous to the novice but not our adventures. They had taken care of evil before and would be ready for any perils that crossed their path. As they made their way down the path Gavriel continued to talk about his druidic lady. The party had started to grow weary of hearing this tale as they had heard it many times on their short journey. Logahn added some haste to his step to not hear this tale again. As he led the party he heard some rustling from the brush around the path. He looked back at the group and pointed towards the sounds. “Who is there, show yourselves” Logahn shouted with great authority.

From out of the shrubbery a pack of Gnolls jumped out, it was an ambush. The adventures laughed at these creatures; did they not know who they were messing with? Benadrad stepped forward and unleased one of his famous bombs. A direct hit, now there was only a pile of ash where the Gnoll once stood. Two of his companions got caught in the blast and took some additional damage. Theo moved towards the other half of the Gnolls and started to slash at them. Gavriel was excited to finally show his new friends what he could do; he drew back and let two arrows fly. While his bear attacked one of the Gnolls next to Benadrad, ripping it to shreds. Celestine helped Theo deal with the Gnolls on his side. Having seen their friends explode and light on fire they charged at Benadrad trying to destroy the little gnome. Most of their attacks misses expect for one that hit a little too hard, he took some damage and felt a little weird. Not being one to be left out of a fight Logahn wanted to join the battle, he had forgotten to wear his newly fashioned plate armor and was forced to defend himself with only a shield. Logahn moved forward and started hacking at these little creatures. Benadrad wanted to try something different on these enemies, he drew his wand of sleep and proceeded to cast. ZZZZZZZZ. Two of the Gnolls dropped to the ground and fell asleep as their companions were killed. The rest of the Gnolls were easy pickings, one escaped to tell his tale. Now what was the group to do with two sleeping Gnolls?

“Hang them from a tree”.

“Interrogate them”.

“Let’s just kill them”.

The group woke one of the Gnolls up hoping to get some information about their Camp. Benadrad tried every language he knew but nothing worked. He made a mental note to learn some Gnollish. Not wanting to waste any more time Logahn cut the Gnoll’s throat. They needed to keep moving in order to make the Lucky Monkey by nightfall.

Day 11
Next order of business

A week had passed since their last adventure and many things were accomplished during the time:

The trials of Kazmojen and Keygan sentenced the former to a life of hard labor, and the latter to two years in prison.

Celestine and Theo learned that “The boy just ain’t right” and that a mysterious cloaked female had been the one to return the child back to the orphanage.

The heroes were off on there own taking care of personal business as well:

Benadrad had finally started putting his feet to the payment. He quit his job at Weer’s, who took it reasonably poorly. He rented a stall at Harper’s Bazaar and put some ground work into some clever marketing strategies. All he needed now was product. He also did his best to appease his monstrous pet. The thing was content with his diet, but much was to be said of it’s living arrangements. It was very getting restless. Nothing a six day round trip visit out of the city couldn’t take care of, eh?

Theodocious busied himself with cataloging, appraising, and researching the artifacts he found in Jzadirune, for his museum project. Perhaps a floor plan is in the works?

Oddly enough Logahn holed up in the library at his temple. He was surrounded in books, like a wizened scholar, learning untold secrets of Sarenrae. He was quickly learning that the location of ancient drudic sects are not exactly common knowledge for your average “Joe-Tavern-Goer.” More research was needed.

The new member, Graviele was learning his ways of the city by partaking in the recent Cauldronite pastime of paying fees and cutting through red tape. “It wasn’t always like this.” An unknown voice said from an unseen void.

Celestine just worked the late shift.

After the long week the Unseen Hand gathered at Theo’s house to decide on guild business. During the week a noticed had arrived for the guild requesting a meeting with Lord Terseon Skellerang. The guild mates sat around the table debating what their next move should be. A few different items had been suggested;

  • Go to the city guards and meet with Lord Skellerang
  • Search for and capture the wanted criminal Triel Eldurhurst
  • Track and hunt some dinosaurs for their exotic meat.

After much debate the group made the decision to visit Lord Skellerang. The city had just become aware of their guild and they had to keep their reputation high. They marched over to the city guards now a group of five and a bear. Over the week Gavriel had obtained a special permit for his bear. He remarked on the high taxes and bureaucracy of Cauldron. Even more so he was forced to muzzle the bear while they were in the city. Upon reaching the city guards our adventures were met by Lord Skellerang.

Terseon_Skellerang.jpg“Welcome, we were all very impressed with how you saved the children. I have a new situation developing that I need handled. The city has become infested with Goblins; they are running around and causing much havoc. I need you to investigate the goblin menace."

A slight awkwardness could be felt in the air as the entire party and Skellerang looked over towards Theo. Theo had felt this racism all of his life, growing up as a goblin in a human city was not an easy task. He was constantly yelled at and thought to be up to no good. Skellerang shifted uncomfortably and continued to speak with the rest of the guild,trying his best to ignore the elephant in the room. Gavriel and Benadrad brought up how they would be compensated financially for this ordeal. Skellerang, of course, had compensation in mind, but the awkward tension cast from Theo’s presence made him second guess the offer he had in his head. Theo had a hunch about what Skellerang was going to expect as proof of their progress. Logahn tried to coninvce them it was the right thing to do but they did not listen. Skellerang coughed, looked at Logahn, and said he would pay 5g per goblin ear, whether he was telling the true would remain to be seen. The party left the city guards and discussed their next course of action.

Benadrad was insulted by Skellerang’s offer of 5g per ear and not only that he felt weird about killing goblins. He loved his cousin and hated the racism that was projected towards him. If only everyone could see that goblins could be functioning members of society. The conversation continued and the guild had made up their mind to hunt down Triel as there was a larger monetary value to be found. Gavriel commented that he had heard that name before at the Lucky Monkey, a tavern on the edge of the jungle outside of the city. It would be a day ride or a three day walk to the Lucky Monkey. The group decided to walk as they wanted to get some fresh air outside of the city. Buying up rations for the week they set out towards the Lucky Monkey.

Day 4 Part 2
The prisoners are free

The adventures looked over their loot and cared to their wounds. They had found a grand assortment of items that would give each of them a small portion of the overall loot. There was not much time to waste basking in their newly found items. They were still on a mission to find the remaining prisoners and free them from their bonds. Moving out of the treasure room they walked down the hallway to a door they ignored before. From the other side they could hear the pleas of many captured individuals. Not wanting to wait any more they hurried in and found almost a dozen people imprisoned. Their cries grew louder upon hearing the adventures enter the room.

“Save us, help us” they yelled out.

Quickly the party unlocked the cells and let the prisoners free. As the party inspected the group they noticed one individual who stood out from the rest. An elf that went by the name of Gavriel, he was a hunter and had only been in the city a short time before being captured by Kazmojen’s crew. How good of a hunter could he be if they were able to capture him so easily? It turns out Gavriel has a taste for mead and had become quite intoxicated the night of his capture. The Hand told the group to gather their things and they would be lead to freedom.

With the group following our adventures they made their way back to the surface. Along the way they met up with the minic that had become somewhat of a companion to them. They told the mimic to change into a dresser and they would smuggle him out with the rest of their newly found treasure. Everyone entered into Kegan’s shop and was greeted by the city guards. The guards took the freed prisoners to be healed and thanked our adventures. Benadrad spoke up to one of the guards and informed him they were to inspect Kegan’s shop for any additional information. The guard agreed to Ben’s bluffs and let them search the shop unimpaired. Benadrad motioned to the guild to start looking and soon Theo found a set of master keys, he quickly put them in his pocket as to not allow the guards to see. While Theo was finding the keys Benadrad tried to create a forged document saying that Kegan would give his shop to Benadrad if anything were to happen to him. Ben was proud of his document and knew it would impress anyone who looked at it or at least he hoped. With everything they hoped to find in hand the Hand moved out to meet with Jenya and finally receive their much needed reward. Along the way the party spoke with Garviel and why he was in these parts. It was not often that they would see an Elf in the city of Cauldron. This was no real answer expect that he was looking for adventure but mostly found it at the bottom of a cup. Huddling up the guild spoke about Garviel and if they should invite him into their guild. They had decided to allow Garviel to join them as a junior member. So now the Hand was a group of five of all races and they would make their name known throughout the land.

The rest of the day was spent going around town and taking care of some of the guild business. They collected their reward from Jenya and then spent some money at Skies’. The guild desperately needed a bag of holding as they would shortly find more loot to fill their soon to be found guild hall. After this they re-entered Jzadirune and carefully cleared the remaining rooms. More treasure was found and secret doors/rooms were revealed. The group brought everything out of Jzadirune leaving very little left for the scavenging Stormblades. Logahn helped Benadrad drag his newly found alchemist lab and Benadrad commanded the construct they found.

The adventures spilt up to sell the found goods. Logahn went to the blacksmith and sold the regular armor and weapons. Theo went to sell the gems at his family’s shop. They all met at Skie’s to sell the magic items. Inside Skie’s the group was met with discriminating stares by two more elves. Fario_Fellian.jpgOne of them immediately drew his blade on sight when he saw Theo. Skie quickly calmed the elf down vouching for the goblin and the stranger reluctantly sheathed his weapon. It was apparent that these elves were friends with Skie. Their names were Fellian & Fario. Logahn noted that one wore a holy symbol around his neck but he could not recall the name of the particular god. Graviele actually recognized them from his nightly visits to The Druken Morkoth and The Lucky Monkey. Small talk was non-existent and the elves quickly took their leave. Skie once again pressed the hand for a tale of their adventures. After regaling her the story the wide-eyed Skie informed them that the magic items from Jzadirune were cursed and need to be decured. After business was done, and the party made for the door, Skie called out to them. “Hey! You guys got a name?”

“The Unseen Hand of Justice!” Ben exclaimed as a distant thunderclap rang out on a typical rainy Cauldron day.

OOOOOOH, SOUNDS IMPORTANT.” Skie replied with a bit of kind-hearted sarcasm. “See ya soon!”

Theo and Ben took their items to Jenya and she cast remove curse on them. With everything taken care of the guild members split their shares of the loot and went on their separate ways. They would meet as a group in a week time to discuss guild business.

Day 11


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