Adventuring Shops

Weer’s Elixirs
Owned and operated by Vortimax Weer, a retired adventurer (male human), this cramped shop is the preferred place in Cauldron for potions and alchemical items. It is located on Ash Ave.

Gurnezarn’s Smithy
This smithy on Magma Ave is generally regarded as the finest such establishment in the city of Cauldron. Its owner, Phalian Gurnezarn (male human), has long held his own against competitors, the Lathenmire Smithies.

Zanathor’s Provisions
A general store on Obsidian Ave run by Bjellkir Zanathor (male human)

Sure Foot Livery
The Sure Foot Livery is the best clothing and tailoring shop in town. The business is run by a no-nonsense halfling woman named Tippys Surefoot. It is located on Ash Ave.

Tygot’s Old Things
Tygot Mispas (male halfling) runs this well-stocked antiquity shop on Lava Avenue. The shop specializes in non-magical art objects gathered from across the known world. Tygot frequently buys old documents and art objects from local adventurers. The shop is a two-storied structure with a small flat on the upper floor and a well-organized business area on the lower.

Skie’s Treasury
Numerous stores in Cauldron sell magic items and gear, but only one of them makes its sole business buying and selling magic items to adventurers – Skie’s Treasury. Skie’s Treasury is owned and run by Skie Aldersun (female gnome). The modest building is constructed from blocks of volcanic stone. The facade of the building bears dozens, if not hundreds, of symbols and sigils that have been carved into the face of the stone. One door and a pair of tiny windows face the road and overlook the lake below. Above the door, a sign proclaims the establishment to be Skie’s Treasury, but more impressive are the numerous items of treasure – rings, coins, wands, necklaces, rods, potions, scrolls, and more – that seem to slowly orbit the sign and shine with soft golden light. Every now and then, two of the items bump against each other, ringing softly like a wind chime. It is located on Lava Ave.

Alameda Moneylenders
Coins can be exchanged for trade bars and gems at this quiet shop just north of the South Gate on a side-street off of Obsidian Avenue. No surcharge is levied for exchanging coins for trade bars or gems. Owned by the Alameda family, a close-knit dwarven clan, their primary trade is the exchanging of coin, but they also offer banking services. Opening an account requiresa flat fee of 10 gp, with a 5 gp monthly charge required for each month afterwards.

Westkey’s Map Emporium
Dundar Westkey (male dwarf) runs this small shop on Obsidian Ave that sells maps. It is a new shop, and as such generally only stocks general maps of the area.

Benadrad’s Potions and Things
Not much is known about this new shop located in Harper’s Bazaar. Its hours of operation very and so does its inventory. Owned by Benadrad Glimmerid


Adventuring Shops

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