Guild Bank

A list of the items currently in our Guild Bank. Requested items can be added to Character sheets just let me know.

Trinkets, jewelry, etc.
Ash walking cane with silver angel shaped handle *(Appraised at 40gp)

Potions, etc.
2 x Thunderstones
9 x Tindertwigs
8 x Sunrods
1 x Universal solvent
Potion of Jump
Potion of Blur
Potion of Magic Fang
Potion of Enlarge Person
2x Potions of darkvision

Weapons & Armor

Dagger w/ poison slot
Silver two bladed sword (Appraised at 224gp)

Jzadirune Keys

  • J
  • Z
  • I
  • R
  • U
  • N
  • E

Guild Bank

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