Harper's Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar is a sprawling little marketplace located in Jzadirton that sells exotic spices, oils, perfumes, herbs, powders, dyes, and spell components. Harper’s Bazaar is run by Heddie “Harper” Leeli- a wizened, old halfling woman with a penchant for “not so” cryptic advice, riddles and a sly smile. Harper never speaks above a low, raspy whisper, but she’s been know to sing in a soulful, smoky voice. She always carries a small, battered harp with her. She wears a bright yellow robe and owns/oversees the Bazaar.

Token party gnome Benadrad has recently contracted a stand at Harper’s Bazaar for his budding business “Benadrad’s Potions & Things”

Galsaa’s Furndurg
A gnome Botanist/Chemist who deals with all things chemical & alchemical. She has a small shop in Jzadirton. She doesn’t deal with the potions or magical concoctions themselves because she finds primordial substances that create them more fascinating. She is beyond brilliant, and without a doubt the most intelligent person in Cauldron (Int 22 minimum) She teaches advances classes at the Bluecrater Academy in chemistry and arcane quantum mechanics. She also has a flower stand in Harper’s bazaar, and actually spends most of her time there with her chemical shop locked up.

Lofan Sinwin
A flamboyant human perfume merchant who does his business at Harper’s. Always dressed in outrageously bright blue, purple, orange, etc. Lofan is kind, but shrewd and extremely gossipy. If there are rumors afoot Lofan has heard eight different versions, and spawned three improved versions of his own. Theo has confirmed that Lofan is a member of The Alley Bashers thieve’s guild, and has a plethora of information…for a price.

Harper's Bazaar

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