Taverns and Inns

Tipped Tankard Tavern
This tavern is generally regarded as the best place in the city for common folk to get a drink. It’s a favorite place for off-duty city guards, and as such, brawls are fairly rare. It is located on Ash Ave.

Cusp Of Sunrise
This high-society club on Obsidian Ave is a favourite place for Cauldron’s rich and powerful to meet and relax.

Drunken Morkoth Inn
This is perhaps the most popular inn in the city of Cauldron. A regular stop for many merchants and travelling adventurers, the combination of comfortable beds, good food, and reasonable prices make it a favorite among the city’s returning visitors. Each of the rooms is decorated with a humongous painting of Cauldron’s mythical lake monster, a large morkoth. The paintings depict the morkoth in any number of embarrassing and ridiculous scenes, always with the morkoth drunk and confused, and often in incongruous locations. It is located on Obsidian Ave.

Minuta’s Board
This low-cost inn and flophouse caters to anyone who cannot afford to stay at Cauldron’s better inns. Prices here are 75% normal, but the owners make no guarantees against theft or loss. It is located on Ash Ave.

Coy Nixie
The Coy Nixie is a high-class tavern and dancehall on Obsidian Ave. Although prices here tend to be nearly double the normal asking price, the food and drink are rivaled only by the Cusp of Sunrise. These two locations have a healthy competition – while the Cusp is generally held to have better food, drink, and entertainment, there are no membership fees at the Coy Nixie.


Taverns and Inns

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