The Alley Bashers

The Alley Basher organization pales in comparison to The Last Laugh They rarely amount to anything more then hired goons. One member: Lofan Siwin is not pleased with the reputation The Alley Bashers are getting and has assisted Theo (the party) into capturing Triel Elderhurst by providing them with information.

Triel was hiring Alley Basher members and supplying them with weapons to assist them in accosting Sarcem Delesharn and stealing the wands of water control

The Party defeated the Alley-Bashers who had aligned themselves with Triel and recovered the Wands of Water Control.

During a brief visit to Minuta’s Board, Theo was encountered by Lofan Sinwin. Lofin thanked him for disposing of Artus so that he could move in to replace him as guildmaster of the Alley-Bashers

The Alley Bashers

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