The Ebion Triad

The Ebion Triad is an cult that worships three evil gods:

Hextor – God of War & Tyranny
Vecna – God of Secrets & Magic
Erythnul – God of Chaos & Destruction

They believe these gods to be only aspects of one greater god that they call “The Fragmented Divinity”

This idea is considered foolish among other churches and even devout followers of the three evil gods scorn the Ebion Triad for daring to water down their particular god with aspects of what would be considered lesser gods.

Both Triel and Tongueeater were wearing both Ebion Triad & Hextor holy symbols.

The party defeated an undead gnoll, who was a priest of Erythnul.

The party defeated a Halfling wizard name Skaven Umbermead who presumably represents the aspect of Vecna in the Triad. They found Skaven’s journal which revealed the Ebion Triad was working for some other entity.

The Ebion Triad

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