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Personal Journal of Skaven Umbermead

Know you who have penetrated my cipher, to seize the secrets herein without my endorsement is to court the wrath of a subtle and puissant mage!

21 weeks ago
The innkeep at the Tipped Tankard held a letter for me this morning; a man referring to himself only as Max, wished to arrange a meeting. It soon became apparent the others of the Triad had been similarly contacted. Naturally we attended girded for battle or evasion, but he seemed in earnest.

The man claims to represent a group, which will pay us each a hefty sum and provide a secure lair in the nearby city of Cauldron in exchange for our assistance in crafting an item of power. He is quite obviously a powerful spellcaster; I believe the matter bears investigation and argreed as much to the others. At the least, it would be well to learn more of his shadowy backers and particularly how they so readily ferreted out our Triad.

20 weeks ago
The accommodations are everything promised and more! Triel slew most of the complex’s denizens, but I persuaded her to spare a band of ettercaps and their arachnoid “god;” they will make passable servants.

19 weeks ago
Production has finally begun. Max has brought in a most talented fire giant smith by the name of Dugobras for the physical portion of the labor, and I suspect his encyclopedic knowledge of enchantments will be welcome as well. Further, the nature of the project has finally been made clear: we are to construct a number of magical adamantine cages.

Our patrons thought to conceal their use from us by dividing the work into modular portions; but by the end of the day I had pieced together the general idea: the cages siphon off the souls of their unfortunate occupants, and channel this power to another artifact. I must determine what!

7 weeks ago
I had a fantastic conversation with Max today! His insights on arcane crafting are unmatched! He also possesses an uncanny knowledge of the lower planes, particularly the Abyss and Carceri. He spoke fondly of the demodands of Carceri and how they hold sway over both lawful devils and chaotic demons, thus reconciling their antithetical natures. I must endeavor to summon a wise and ancient demodand as soon as such a deed is within my abilities. It could well hold the key to reconciling the savage Erythnul and the disciplined Hextor, that their attributes might be joined with the cunning of the Maimed Lord.

I now suspect that this organization he represents have some deeper connection to the cosmic gaol; it would explain the prevalent cage iconography as well as his knowledge of its keepers.

3 weeks ago
The “Soulcages” are complete at long last, and our patrons kept their word on payment. They delivered the gold to the last ounce, plus a modest bonus for our speed. Though it is apparent they have no interest in including the Ebion Triad in their ultimate goals. Max & Dugobras made no delay in leaving once the project was complete. They left no details on how to make further contact. Other than a full treasury, we are no better off then we were when we started.

For the future, Triel has a plan to purloin and ransom certain wands vital to the city. I argued there was no purpose to this plan. In no way is it an act of service to the Fragmented Divinity. We necessitate to discover the true identities of those who had required our services, but I suspect this has more to do with her revenge against the city, but alas, I am outvoted.

11 Days ago
Triel has littered our peaceful abode with sellswords and simpletons. She insists they are required to capture the wands of water control, but again I am skeptical of the necessity of this machination altogether. What (or who) should I say, is even more disturbing is the overseer of these thugs. He is clearly mad. He screams out in the night of demons and hellfire. Being ever so curious, I used some simple divinations on him and I somehow manifested a strange sigil on the side of his head. It charred and smoked as it appeared and he screamed out in agony as if someone had pressed hot cinders to his face, it is lucky he did not see me. It is somehow supernaturally invisible, as the glyph quickly vanished when my spell had retired. I’m not sure of the significance of this, if one at all, but it is a mystery well worth investigating.

9 days ago
Tarkilar has carried out the vampirism ritual from the book he purchased; again he asked my counsel and again I told him to proceed. I have not forgotten the insults he spoke when he thought I did not observe – let him learn for himself it is the work of a charlatan! Undeath he has gained, true, but not as he intended; when the maggots begin to crawl over him and the flesh drips from his arms, we shall see who is laughing.

6 days ago
Tarkilar is not taking well to his new form; today he slew our ogres without provocation. “The will serve us in death,” he said. Serve him more likely, I say.

3 days Ago
Disaster! Everyone has gone mad but I! The wands were secured by the lackeys Triel had recruited for her ransom plan, but Triel herself has not returned. The loon, shoe left in charge is good for naught but blathering mad ravings. I knew the procurement of these wands was in folly. If Triel does not return, Tongueater will have to replace her as the Triad’s duly representative of Hextor.

I dare not approach Tarkilar for his council; the failed ritual has clearly engendered derangement, he would likely try to slay me and our Triad would be forever sundered. In hindsight, it was an error to conceal the shoddy nature of his tome from him.

The fortress is being assaulted as I write this. No doubt the city has discovered the source of the wand theft and have sent their lackeys to retrieve them. They can HAVE the wands if they can find them. Triel was beyond thickheaded to have attempted to carry out such a worthless plan. Insouciant am I however. I will retreat to the lair of my most intriguing arachnid companion. She and I will make short work of the fools should they dare to intrude upon us. Once all is clear I will commence my search for our duplicitous patrons.

The City of Cauldron

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