The City of Cauldron

Day 1

Another Rainy Night

Benadrad Glimmerid was being forced to stay late at his job at Weer’s Elixers to clean up some graffiti someone had slopped all over the front of the store. Theodocious Grubfellow, his cousin graciously volunteered to help him. Theo had noticed that the graffiti had been written in goblin and said: “As a wolf, Drakthar hunts.”

Celestine and Logahn were in a nearby pavilion discussing the tenets of Sarenrae.

They all collectively heard a cry for help.

The priest and warpriest ran for assistance and found 3 thugs with painted faces beating on man in a robe. Before they had a chance to do anything about it, a small object came flying out of an alleyway and exploded in a ball of fire at the feet of the thugs. Not wanting to contend with exploding balls of fire the thugs quickly skadoo’ed out of there, slightly crispy.

Questioning of the robed man revealed that his name was Ruphus Laro and he was a cleric of St. Cuthbert. He was on his way back from the Lantern St. Orphanage, the location of the most recent kidnappings that have been happening in the city. Ruphus invited them to escort him back the temple of St. Cuthbert and talk to his superior. At this point Theo and Benadrad had revealed themselves to the group. Celestine, slightly suspicious in the two noobs, questioned them mostly about the source of the bomb. Benadrad admitted that it was his. The group decided that investigating the orphan kidnappings was a noble cause and agreed to escort Ruphus. Theodocious decided that he would head off to the orphanage and check it out.

At the church they had a brief encounter with Alec Tercival, Paladin of Cuthbert. He seemed rather dickish.

The party met with Jenya Urikas, acting leader of the church while High Priest Sarcem Delesharn was away.Jenya_Urikas.jpg
Jenya admitted that her personnel was not cut out for the job and asked the party if they could assist in finding the culprits involved in the kidnappings and locate the missing children. After using a clue from the divining St Cuthbert relic “The Star of justice” and investigating the orphanage the party was led to believe that the kidnappings had something to do with the fact that 99.999999% of the locks in the city are crafted by one guy: Keygan Ghelve. They decided to set out the next day to talk to him at his store known simply as “Ghelve’s Locks.”

Day 2



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