The City of Cauldron

Day 15

Back to Town

It was time to head back to Cauldron in the morning. But first, the ever resourceful Benadrad suggested finding some individuals who were also headed back to see if they were in need of personal armed escorts. They found an obsidian merchant named Finstro who was headed back with his wife June in the morning. After some haggling Finstro agreed to pay the party 55gp to escort them back to town.

On the third day back. Benadrad, Gavrielle, and Theo decided to leave the priests with the merchants and head off-road to hunt dinosaurs. Ben wanted to bring back a treat for the mimic he left deserted in his small house. Large raptors were common and Gavriele’s elven sniffer was quickly hot on the trail. He spotted the dino off behind a rock and deftly crept into an advantageous position.
“WHAT’S GOING ON! DID YOU FIND SOME DINOSAURS GAV?!” Ben shouted, clunking through the jungle behind him. The raptor peeked up, spotted the two and gave them a warning screech. Thinking quickly, Gav sent his bear, “Bear” charging toward the reptile. Theo caught up, Ben moved into position and the hunt was on.
Bear met dino in a furry/scaly ball of gnashing teeth, ripping claws, and slicing talons. Vicious blows were traded by both and things were looking grim for team mammal. Meahwhile another feathered head peeked up from behind the rock and one dinosaur had turned into two. Deinonychus.jpgThe second circled around and headed for Benadrad who was waiting bomb in hand. The three heroes stumbled with their steps and whiffed with their arrows. While Bear scrapped like this could be the end. As the fury lifted, Bear was broken and bloodied, but he stood victorious with sagging dino corpse hanging from his mouth. Realizing that his master and his companions were getting shredded alive, Bear turned and limped toward the second beast. Theo had been gutted, Ben’s bombs were missing by a mile and one by one Grav’s arrows stuck into nothing but trees and ground. The dino was tired though and taking blows here and there. After a knock-down drag-out fight the party was finally victorious.
Gavrielle butchered the beasts for easy “bag of holding storage” and the bloodied team headed back to meet up with the rest of the convoy.

Upon arriving in town the party split. Theo went off to take care of some business in Harper’s Bazaar, Logahn and Celestine went back to their temple, and Benadrad & Gavrielle headed back to his house to check on Box.

When they got there, Ben’s house was thoroughly locked down. The guards weren’t even allowing people within 100 yards. Apparently a monster was on the loose in “someone’s” house. Benadrad told the guards his children and family were in the area and he wanted to check on them. The guard bought the story and went back towards the house to double-check to make sure the area was clear of civillians. Ben told Gav to create a diversion while he snuck to the back of the house.
Cora_Lathenmire.jpgGavrielle made his way toward the house. He noticed that the guards were accompanied by four individuals that stood out. One that he recognized was Cora Lanthenmire, the red-headed daughter of the Noble Lanthenmire family. “Cora! Cora! Over here!” She glanced at him confused.

Another of the four approached him with a guard: a well-dress dark skinned human. annah_taskerhill.jpgShe bluntly told Gavrielle that things were under control and there was no need for him. “Please leave!” she said with contempt. Not giving up on his diversion he told her that he was Cora’s cousin and he needed to talk to her. The women was obviously friends with Cora and on to Gav’s ruse, and his pointy ears were not helping the situation. An argument insued.

Meanwhile, Benadred was crawling through the back window of his house and it was obvious Box had gone crazy during his absence. The room was destroyed and there were traces of blood. The guards had already made one unsuccessful attempt to subdue the beast. As soon as Box saw Ben, a pseudopod went flying and the blow nearly knocked the wind out of the gnome. “FOOD! TREASURE! HOOOOOOOOOOME!” Box was insane with rage and confusion. Ben started to talk it down tempting it with the dinosaur meat they had got from the hunt. It took some time and a few more beatings on Ben, but the mimic was slowly regaining composure. There was a banging at the door. The guards were coming in for a second try.

Zachary_Aslaxin_II.jpgOutside, Gavrielle had been blown off but he wasn’t finished yet. He slipped into the crowd and headed straight for Cora. Grabbing onto her arm he continued with the charade. “Cora! Cora! I need to talk to you!” From behind Cora a young man stepped in to stop Gravielle. “What the hell are you doing?!” Gravielle balled up his fist and let him have it. Stunned the man stepped back and yelled “Guards! Seize him!”

A half a dozen guards jumped Gavrielle and pinned him down, but his goal was successful. The confusion he had created bought Ben some more time. Cora swaggered up to Gavrielle who had a wide grin on his face. She gave him a disgusted look and walloped him in the gut before the guards dragged him off.

Inside the house Benadrad was frantically trying to get Box out of the house. The people trying to get in had stopped for a moment and Ben worked out a plan. He coerced the mimic out of the window and fed him an invisibility potion. Ben calmly walked the mimic slowly to Theo’s Museum. The invisibility of course did nothing for Box’s mad ramblings, so Ben ranted and raved like a tourette’s patient, drawing stares from all the residents of the neighborhood.

At Harper’s Bazaar, Theo was trying to get the attention of Lofan Sinwin the perfume merchant. Theo had long suspected that he was a member of The Alley Bashers and was hoping to get some information. Theo hid behind his stall and whispered to him.
OHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYY!” Lofan said with great flare, “If you wish to purchase my fine perfumes, please come to the front of the stall.” Theo wasn’t taking the hint. “PURCHASE, my FINE perfumes OF COUUUUUUURSE.” he repeated. So Theo walked to the front of the stall, with the 30gp he had left to his name.
FINE PERFUUUUUMES, COLOGNES, AND SCENTS!!! Perhaps you need some for the upcoming Demonskar Ball?” He wasn’t giving up his cover. Theo gave him the 30gp. Lofan rolled his eyes and dropped character. “Who the fuck are you!? What do you want!?”
I need to know about Triel, she’s been dealing with The Alley Bashers. Lofan looked down at the measly pittance of gold Theo had given him and said, “I’m only going to talk to you because I don’t like her. She’s crazy and The Alley Bashers are in over their heads.”
“She’s got some kind of scheme planned, she’s been supplying the Alley Bashers with weapons and enlisting their aid.”
“Do you know anything else?” Theo asked.
“She’s having another meeting with some members at The Lakeside Pavilion tomorrow night.”
Good enough Theo thought and bid farewell.
“I’ll look into further.” Lofan replied. “Next time bring gold! …ALOT!”

The party discussed and decided they would crash Triel’s party the following night. But first there was the not so small matter of getting Gavriele out of hot water. Benadrad had a plan. He went to the town hall to meet with Skellerang, but beforehand he mixed up a potion of disguise. Chugging the brew changed the appearance of his clothes and face into that of Bibbford Glimmerwid, his uncle and adopted father of Theo. The resemblance was already there and he brought Theo with him to lend support to his ruse. Too easy.“Bibbford” used his noble clout to convince Skellerang to release Gavriele to his custody. Skellerang obliged, but warned him that he likely would not be able to protect them from further tangles with the children of powerful nobles. Too easy.

Day 16 Evening



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