Half-orc warpriest of Sarenrae



Logahn’s descends from a semi-nomadic tribe of half-orcs who had eked out a meager and increasingly violent existence in the nearby forests until they came into conflict with a group of paladins sent from the city to put an end to their attacks on travelers and outlying settlements. The paladins upheld the mercy of their patron and did not slaughter the innocent, delivering some to the prisons, some to the mines and some, like the young and lucky Logahn, to apprenticeships within their own order. The clerics knew that half-orcs were naturally gifted blacksmiths, but after a time they came to notice in Logahn interesting traits less common for members of his species: a philosophical mind and the ability to channel power through the spiritual realm.

Logahn spent his early years at the cloister studying and training. He learned much about the doctrine of Sarenrae and little about his tribal origins. For some time, an innate love of combat remained the only connection he felt to an ancestry and a way of life not tied to the Order. But by the age of twenty, after participating in and leading many sorties similar to the one in which he was captured as a child, Logahn was starting to question the way the church drew lines between the civilized and the barbaric and sent out its paladins and warrior clerics to pass summary judgment accordingly. Aso tormenting Logahn was the fact that he owed his life and opportunities to the mercy of these same warrior-leaders.

From early in his training, Logahn had chosen devotion Sarenrae’s fire aspect, developing his own spiritual interpretation that fire, beyond just being a tool for cleansing evil, symbolized the common center of all communities regardless of whether they exist inside or outside the walls of “civilization.”

At the beginning of this adventure, Logahn will have been living in Cauldron for one month, after having transferred from his home city. He felt it was time for a better look at the world, away from the protection and strict doctrinal oversight of his mentors within the Order. His orders for conducting himself here were simple: protect the city from evil and in doing so expand the worship of Sarenrae.


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