Skie's Treasurey

Numerous stores in Cauldron sell magic items and gear, but only one of them makes its sole business buying and selling magic items to adventurers – Skie’s Treasury. Skie’s Treasury is owned and run by Skie Aldersun (female gnome). The modest building is constructed from blocks of volcanic stone. The facade of the building bears dozens, if not hundreds, of symbols and sigils that have been carved into the face of the stone. The sigils, written in gnomish, bear interesting and colorful names such as: The Greenswords, The Unhumans, The Stormblades, Varmit Patrol, The Singers of Ehlonna, and The Last Laugh.

One door and a pair of tiny windows face the road and overlook the lake below. Above the door, a sign proclaims the establishment to be Skie’s Treasury, but more impressive are the numerous items of treasure – rings, coins, wands, necklaces, rods, potions, scrolls, and more – that seem to slowly orbit the sign and shine with soft golden light. Every now and then, two of the items bump against each other, ringing softly like a wind chime. It is located on Lava Ave.

The store is run by a bubbly little gnome named Skie Aldersun. She is kind and inquisitive. shackled7.jpg

Current Store Inventory

+1 banded mail 1,400gp
+1 light mace 2,305gp
+1 dagger 2,302gp
+1 light steel shield 2159gp
+1 spiked chain 2325gp
+2 bracers of armor 4,000gp
+2 Cloak of resistance 9,000gp
Gauntlets of Rust 11,500 gp
Ring of swarming stabs 6,000gp
Rod of Metamagic, lesser quicken 34,000gp
Bottle of Air 7,250gp
Circlet of blasting, minor 6,480gp
Harp of Charming 7,500 gp
Mask of Stony Demeanor 8,000gp
Cat’s eye crown 18,000gp
Oil of magic weapon (x2) 50gp each
Staff of Size alteration 26,150gp
Potion of tongues 750gp
Rod of Thunderous force 5,400 gp
Scroll of cloudkill 1125gp
Scroll of resist energy (x2) 150gp
Scroll of charm monster 700gp
Scroll of raise dead 6,125gp
Scroll of stone to flesh 1,650gp
Scroll of Restoration (2 “charges”) 1,600gp
Wand of burning hands (23 charges) 345gp
Wand of melf’s acid arrow (10 charges) 900gp
Wand of Flame Strike 9th Level (7 charges) 2,940

Skie's Treasurey

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